Hoya Invasion
Let him Invade
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Hoya Invasion
I - N - F - I - N - I - T - E :
Seven members, seven different stories, they come together to make one. They are one. They create and walk on one path.They are Infinite.

do I hear hoya's voice in sunggyu's song light or am I just hallucinating? *__*

Hmmmm, I’m not sure…..

Hoya is f****** gorgeous! He is perfection!

That is right. That is so right. 

are you gonna make hoya as your husband?
  • Yes
  • Definately
  • Absolutely
  • Positively
  • Si Si
  • Muchas Gracias 
  • Like right now.
what's your first otp in infinite ? :3

H to the O Y A

and Sungyeol!!!! 

who is this hoya you speak of?

this hottie.

I heard he’s hotter in person though. he’s already so dashing though

I’m going to post Sungkyu translation page today. and if I don’t I give everyone the right to come to my ask box and yell at me on how beautiful hoya is. 

Sungyeol in HSLO - 9/?



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siwoo strikes back



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