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Hoya Invasion
I - N - F - I - N - I - T - E :
Seven members, seven different stories, they come together to make one. They are one. They create and walk on one path.They are Infinite.

Happy birthday Sungjong.

You’re a beautiful human being (both inside and out. you make girls cry. good job)

Hoya's priceless face expression when he eat sungyeol's vinegar banana & drink L's salty americano

It’s only been two weeks and I already changed my posters. Nbd. #infinite

howd you know of our plan to take over the world - infinite -

it was pretty obvious tyvm.


I’m simply putting this blog on semi-hiatus.

Things are queued (well I have to add more queues but sh that’s not relavent) 

but yeah. I miss tumblring. but then again if I stay trapped within Infinite’s plan to take over the world with their idiot-ness, I might never go anywhere in life

sleeping babies

infinite, no.



“I won, I finally did it!”
— Woohyun on the verge of tears after winning for the first time on Immortal Song 2.

140829 Super Idol Chart Show Ep. 27 - Hoya’s phone call (cut) 
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hoya. you’re in a drama. and you’re still bitch staring. why. smile.

go back back back back back to blonde kthx


We debuted, we won with ‘Be Mine’, we also had concerts, and accomplished our dreams one by one…it makes me really happy. —Sungjong
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