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Hoya Invasion
I - N - F - I - N - I - T - E :
Seven members, seven different stories, they come together to make one. They are one. They create and walk on one path.They are Infinite.

I'm an Infinite Only Blog / Official 3rd Generation Inspirit
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gyu forever making soo laugh (* ´▽`)/ (*^艸^)

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  • Sungkyu: *learns magic and feels proud* imma show lee sungyeol
  • Sungyeol: *shows leader magic before sungkyu can even ask*
  • Sungkyu: (゚ー゚;)
  • Sungkyu: *goes to SISTAR Bora and shows her a magic trick*
  • Bora: *figures out the trick in a second*
  • Sungkyu: ; A ;

stardustedbymae replied to your post: my mom came in and took like 5 of my i…

your mom loves them too? :O

she does indeed. she tries to hide it though. - u -

- Tagged -

musingtragedy tagged me. i had another one to do but…..i lost it somewhere in my ask box. sorry. so I’ll do this one

Rules: You can tell a lot about someone by the type of music that they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod, phone, iTunes, Media Player, etc. and write down the first 20 songs. Then pass this on to 10 people. One rule: No skipping

  • Crying - Infinite H & Baby Soul 
  • Love Again - Seo In Guk
  • Selfish Love - Nell
  • Ready Or Not - SHINee
  • First Love End - K.Will 
  • Tic Toc - INFINITE
  • Real Story - INFINITE
  • Sad Ending - VIXX 
  • Swing [Chinese Vers.] - SJ M
  • 41 Days - Sungkyu
  • Get Em High - Zico (ft. Uglyduck & Ggangmo)
  • Something - TVXQ
  • Bad - Tablo
  • Sadness - Led Apple
  • Be Mine - INFINITE
  • Here I Am - ZE:A
  • Battle Royal - Zico
  • Prime Time - Seo In Guk
  • Dangerous - X-5
  • Always With You - FT Island

dang. infinite. popping out left and right. okay. but yaaay basically all the people i listen to every day. my itunes knows me well I see 

I tag: sungjong-in-wonderland, myeolchimi, myungfinitize, myung-mochi, dongyas, youngesungjong, dino-yeol, sunggyuswife, strawberrygom, hambaarroo

/omg actual 10 people/

my mom came in and took like 5 of my infinite albums. can you not. please.

4 Things Show - FULL [072914] [cr. purpleboyhowonee]

“If all the members went and did they want to do and tried to be more popular than the others, then we wouldn’t be at the spot we are at today. It’s clear that there’s a person who controlled that and that’s why we’re here today. That’s our leader Sungkyu who did that and pulled us through and that’s why we’re here right now.” — Sungyeol - [4 Things Show 072914]
“The more we got to know each other, the more we understood each other. Now, we know right away by facial expressions, they’re close friends, close family. I think that’s why we were able to make it through the 4 years together and we can keep going. Even if there’s one missing out of the 7, the empty feeling is huge. I always felt that “we really need all seven to make our group shine”” — Sungkyu [4 Things Show 072914]
“I came up to Seoul when I was 20. I wrote, “My will right now will help me achieve my dreams” on front of my door when I was living in a hostel. I had a strong will to achieve my dreams. I wanted to sing. I think that’s how it’s working so well so far.” — Sungkyu {4 Things Show} - 072914

Glassesgyu~ ♡

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  • Dinner table: *Somehow my name comes up and we get on the topic of Infinite*
  • Dad: Oh yeah. She's a big fan. I know all their songs because of her.
  • Friend: Oh really? I know Be Mine!
  • Dad: Be Mine? That's so 3 years ago. Get on with the program.
  • Me: . . . . . .
  • Dad: You gotta know Last Romeo.

hambaarroo replied to your post “Are you korean? korean american?”

how could you lie to me all these years

it was a top secret stuff ya know

Inspirits are blessed with a company who likes to teach life lessons. 

like how you have to work hard to get the things you want. 

so here i go once again. finger on mouse, eyes on video, trying to get that damn video to 3,500,000.

Anonymous said:
Are you korean? korean american?

nah im not korean american bruh

just korean korean.

INFINITE Youtube Event

They’re making us work hard to get the stuff we want. again.

If the views for the Official MV for ‘Back’ reaches 2,500,000

Performance Version will be uploaded. 

If it reaches 3,500,000 views - 

Practice Video will be uploaded. 

direct link to mv

Views as of July 29th 3:08AM - 1,585,234