Hoya Invasion
Let him Invade
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Hoya Invasion
I - N - F - I - N - I - T - E :
Seven members, seven different stories, they come together to make one. They are one. They create and walk on one path.They are Infinite.

Okay so whenever I screen cap L, he comes out like a shining prince


and then I cap hoya and it’s just…what the fuck is going on


I can’t even…

Because everyone shows their love in a different way~

22ndJJONGDAY | 106/122
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140601 Yeouido fansign
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season 2 + last romeo dance practice

"Watch how I do it."
— Kim Sung Kyu

140707 High School Love On Press Conference © Wonderland
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INFINITE Become First Korean Act to Top Twitter Emerging Artist Chart, Enter Top Tracks

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still my favorite dance. *cries I should be doing my essay*

such a great dance though

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