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i aint yo noona. ● ⋏ ●

i had a great dream where infinite barged into my Brit-Lit class with ice cream cake and celebrated my birthday with me. then sungyeol pushed sungkyu into the cake and got it all over his face. I think this should be reality. they even had speshul gull playing on the smart board.

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Um.... on your giveaway it said maximum reblog 10 times? I lost count and I think I might have reblogged more than 10 times. Is that okay?

yeah, by this point I saw tons of people go over the limit. Accidental or not, Imma let this slide. Especially because my wording might’ve been too vague. It’s my first giveaway so I shall be better next time! 

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you really thought he was gonna high five you, kim myungsoo? XD you too, nam woohyun

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Hi Annie! How are you? So, I saw this video /watch?v=irtkA86inaI and I wonder what are they talking about, if you could give me an idea I'll be really thankful. P.S. I love your tags ;) .- Shy Anon

omfg this video. lol 

This video was just the members introducing themselves and going on twitter and reading mentions and doing what fans requested [like singing a song they request] 

omg why do they look so childish and dorky ugh

Sorry for the late reply ; ; I was busy and didn’t get the time to sit and answer alot ; ~~~~~ ; 

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When was the official 3rd generation inspirit registration last year? And do you think it will be aroung the same time this year ^^

Around the end of May, I think it might be since others have been around May! 

I hope it is in May so I can bug my aunt as a birthday present.

- Selling -


Hey guys, I’m selling some K-pop stuffs - u - (just a few things)! I realized that it’s enough to have a bajillion Infinite merch to carry to my college dorm soon and I felt like it was time to part with these *sobs* albums/merch. 

Few things to know

  • I ship Internationally (so shipping rates are a bit different)
  • These were once highly cherished by me and treated like gods, so I’m asking that whoever buys them can take care of these (seriously, the SJ one, I had it since I was 11. omg please take care of them)
  • Only accept Paypal (sorry yo)
  • I tested these and they all work (woop)
  • Shipping - US: $3, Int: $5
  • If you really really want it but the pricing is too much then come to me on my ask (fanmail preferred,so tumblr doesn’t eat it and we can talk things out!)
  • I only have one copy of each of this, so whoever comes and buys it first is the lucky buyer

1. Super Junior - Super Show I  - $18

  • It has two CDs inside (you can’t fit a concert into one CD - n -) 
  • It has a small crack on the front (these were the days when yesasia sucked at sending packages and when CDs were in plastic cases) 
  • I listened to this like twice. 
  • omg kibum is in this yeah remember him?
  • Pic: 1. 2. 3.

2. SS501 - Warning (Debut Album) - $18

  • Special 2CD (CD + DVD) Set 
  • 5 Photocard thingies
  • I only tried the DVD on the computer, so I don’t know if it works on an actual DVD player.
  • Pic: 1. 2. 3

3. CN Blue - The First Album - First Step - $18

  • only one CD /sad face/
  • I listened to this once or twice
  • holy hosus the pictures are nice in here 
  • Pic: 1. 2

4. Xiah Junsu Light Stick - $16

  • I got this at the 2011 JYJ concert in NJ 
  • There was string with this but who knows what happened in the 3 years I had this. 
  • The battery is pretty much full. /i had nowhere else to prance around with it/
  • Pic: 1. 2

5. Boyfriend - Don’t Touch My Girl [The Second Single Album] - $10

  • Few scratches(black marks what do you call them?) and tiny little rips. Their handsomeness truly outshines the little marks (shown in the pictures.)
  • Okay, I got this for Donghyun oppa, so really, this should not be rotting in my room like this
  • Of course this will be shipped in a tube = u =
  • Ignore the Infinite CDs used to hold down the poster in the pictures, they are not being sold e _ e
  • Pic. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

If you are interested on buying any of these please email me at: and I’ll tell you payment info there ~^^ o r ask box bro. ask box

And even if you’re not buying, please reblog? Thanks!

Guys hey, im trying to get rid of these. help me out?

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donggyu ヽ(^。^)丿

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“Do you know how much we love you? very…very………big!” —

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[Fave IFNT Quotes - 3/?] im reblogging bc lazy

This guy found out that the delivery guy for an office building always leaves the package at a certain place. So, decided to steal 700,000 Won (about 674 USD) worth of packages ranging from cosmetics, watches, clothes, etc. And this guy decided to SELL these stuff on a used-item selling site. The police, however, noticed that one of the items on the stuff that were stolen was INFINITE’s Limited Album ‘The Origin’. They saw the item on the list and caught the guy. 

the police knew that this shits hard to get. so him stupid-ly posting this alerted them right away. how not to thief 101

you think im kidding.

why do i even

infinite 96/365 ∞ sungyeol 14/52

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i made a mix CD of kpop music for my car and I put Woollim’s MV opening theme song as #1 - u - muahahahah idk if i will actually save it though