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Seven members, seven different stories, they come together to make one. They are one. They create and walk on one path.They are Infinite.


We debuted, we won with ‘Be Mine’, we also had concerts, and accomplished our dreams one by one…it makes me really happy. —Sungjong

이성열! 생일 축하해 ~ Happy Birthday Sungyeol ~ [I scanned these pages as a birthday post. don’t judge. but you can save these pictures]

[착하고, 순수하고, 키크고, 노래잘하고, 춤잘추고, 똑똑(?)한 우리 열님, 이번 2014년에 소원성취!! 콜? 다치지말고. 건강하고.성규형님 한태 대들지말고, 명수랑 쫑엠씨랑 친하게 지내고, 호원이 부탁할겡. 언제나 노력하고, 열심히 일하는거 보면 팬으로써 자랑스럽고, 고마워. 계속 그러켕 하슈, 대박나소. ㅡ ㅂ ㅡ;;;] [i basically wished all his wishes are fulfilled, and that he’s healthy, don’t get hurt, don’t talk back to kyu, and yada yada yada. idk if you really want to know what I said, you can ask anonymously and I’ll gladly translate y naht. happy birthday you tall d00d]

Be Back - {1400x931} [Special Photobook - Cover] <scan cred: purpleboyhowonee>

hojong ԅ(≖‿≖ԅ)

daaaaaamn boy.

Sungyeol! It’s your birthday! Happy Birthday

go rule the world


- Upgrade Sungjong - [The Star July 2014]

Now instead of seeing you as a young man, I see you as a man.

Yes. When I hear people say that I returned “as a man”, I thought to myself “I must be changing”. I did try to change myself. Like our group’s name, I want to show an infinite amount of charms. If I continue to show different sides of me, won’t more people start falling for me?

You’re really a man now. The thing that made the man like you cry was that 1st place on the music show.

Ah, yes. I did cry a lot back then. I worried a lot about how the people will like this song, how I will show my different side to people without letting all the practive we’ve done go to waste.

I think all the hard work was really well shown through this album. How do you feel?

Hard work is hard work, but this album was good as well. Women like romantic things.

Have you ever written something as cheesy as the things that were in ‘Last Romeo’?

Since we’re I learned how to use it, I will have to use it someday. (laugh) I haven’t been in a relationship since I was a young kid so it was more like being friends [than being actual lovers]. I’m still not sure what love feels like.

When I watched the recently aired ‘This is Infinite’, I saw that you know girls’ feelings very well?

I think I’m better at knowing when it comes to the being considerate thing. Haha. You have to slowly open their hearts when you meet them for the first time. You can’t rush them and make them feel burdensome.

I think if you know this much about love already, you shouldn’t say that you don’t know anything?

100 points out of 100 points? Can I have a relationship? Haha. But, I think that for right now, I only have our Inspirits so I don’t really want to have a relationship, well, I can’t really have one right now even if I wanted to.

A while back, you had to choose the visual ranking of the members. It was L, Sungyeol, Sungkyu, Woohyun, Dongwoo, Hoya, Sungjong. After this, I feel like you were more laid back after you joked around.

They kept pushing me to choose faster so I blurted out what came in mind and it came out as an article. I think that each person has their own idea of handsome so everyone’s at first place. Please put this in the article.

Let’s talk about charms instead of looks. What do you think are your charms?

My charm is my look and calmness of a person in his twenties, and me working hard to show others a different side each time? I want a charm that can make all the fans around the world fall for me.

Is your dream to make all the fans around the world fall in love with you?

That and also, I want my voice, our group’s music to help a lot of people feel better, even if it’s just a bit.

If you want to get closer to your dream, what do you think you have to do?

I don’t think we’re even close to half. We have to keep practicing. Read more, meet more people. Truthfully speaking, I had so many things in mind that I couldn’t sleep for three days straight. I thought to myself, and also thought about all the things I had to do more of. After three days, I went to morning prayer and after that I finally was able to sleep.

Have you been sleeping well nowadays?

Nowadays, we had a lot of schedules so I fell asleep very easily. Even if I couldn’t sleep, I’m happy I have a lot of things I get to do.

<trans. credit: purpleboyhowonee>

Sungyeol: L cries when he’s drunk.

Once an Inspirit, always an Inspirit.

140801 Fansign Event in Sinchon
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