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It’s the voting season and I’m going to be VERY honest.

The way I see it is that people voting more than one time is just ridiculous. 

Yes you want to see your fave artist win and yes I think that each group these days really deserve it because of their skills.

This goes to every fanclub. 

Think about it. Wouldn’t you rather see your artist winning by the honest votes and not the votes people put in with extra accounts and some other way? 

You say it’s not fair when your favorite artist doesn’t win. Maybe that’s the reason why. 

It’s not fair voting for people more than once. That’s not being real. It surly doesnt work like that in the real world. 

In the entertainment world, voting more than once might be helpful to your artist, yes, but it’s also considered a “cheat” in some way (and for those who ask “how would you know”, i have an uncle working in MBC who knows, so I know and now you know how I know and im gonna go back to my point).

Would you like your artist to win with a “cheat” ? 

This is why i vote once. I want to vote once and feel good about it. Feeling good because the fact that I know I supported and that’s what they want. 

People saying “Vote for them, help them” or “you know you want to support, so vote” really? 

I wish we can all be true and know that even if they don’t win, the singers know that we voted for them and we supported them. The fanclubs should all know that a win is great, but the idols, they love the support more. 

Respect the rules of the Korean voting site. Just because they have different ways to vote, dont vote more than once. You know what let me rephrase that. You can do that if you want. Go ahead, vote as much as you want, it’s a free country and I cant order you to stop, but if you think about it and my message comes out to you I hope you would stop. 

My honest honest honest opinion/rant 

Dont be hating. Im just putting my honest thoughts out. 

2 years ago, 10/12/11 | 5 notes
#Annie's mini honest rant . #dont be hating
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